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America loves toilet humor.

2008-01-07 17:53:05 by Komozu

Ok, i'm sure this is a common opinion with a lot of peeps by now, but why is it that so many people have lowered their comedy standards? I've been growing, goin' through a lot of phases, and it seems that the comedy i found humorous a year ago just seems like pure crap now. I'm sure i'm not alone on this sentiment, for there are still many great flash artists that don't make a reference every time they tell a joke. Sadly, i realize that most of these artists stopped posting on newgrounds a year ago. Ok, someone needs to explain this to me. Are our attention spans so short that we can only get laughs out of one-liners? I applaud all the folks out there that still make an effort on their flashes, and hope they continue to brighten my day with their light-hearted funnies.
Also...every time i go into an rp, people are using backround stories that are used time and time again...Oh, you're a secret agent? Meet Jack, so is he...now that i think about, Collin is too....and Dave...ok, how many secret agents do we have in here?
There's a lot of samurai, too...i'm curious as to where they came from. If you swing around a katana, are you instantly a samurai, and if you do those hand signals from Naruto, are you instantly a ninja?
How about we start aiming for more original, well thought of roles?
There's more to this world than Ninjas and Samurai....and Secret Agents...and fart jokes...

-I'm 100% cock-joke free,

America loves toilet humor.


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